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Let's Go Geography {Crew Review}

When you Homeschool, there are some subjects that come up which are sometimes hard to figure  out how to teach.  For me, Geography has been one of those.  (Am I the only one who wants to spell it Georgraphy??)  Sometimes it's included with other programs and then sometimes you just need a separate program to help expand what you're learning.  But many of those can be dry and boring.  Let's Go Geography makes Geography fun!  Their Let's Go Geography program is made to be thorough yet easy to use.

Let's Go Geography was created for kids in grades K through 4th.  It was designed to make Geography easy to learn and easy to teach.  After purchasing the curriculum, you get sent weekly links to help guide you through the lessons and remember to complete them.  One hour long lesson a week is all that's needed to be able to complete this curriculum, so it doesn't take a lot of time or require a daily plan to do.

So the first email we received was introductory and included covers for the 30 different countries you'll get to explore.  36 weeks of lessons are included with this curriculum, each covering individual information for each country you explore.  You're child learns details about that country, about the plants and people who inhabit the country and more.

The first country covered is the United States.  When you log in to the website, you're brought to the Member Page where all the information is linked.  There's a button that say's Start Here and there's another place that says How To Use This Curriculum.  This explains all about Let's Go Geography and how it can be used.

The curriculum offers many activities which you can complete or you can skip if you feel it's too much to do.  As I mentioned above, you're sent a reminder link for each week.  This takes you to the section of the curriculum you're currently working through.

It is suggested you create a Travel Journal for the trip you take from country to country through this curriculum.  This can be done with a simple 3 ring binder.  Add in dividers for the continents so you can easily go back to the information later on.  As you visit each continent, you'll print out the maps and flags for that continent and place them right behind their divider so they are ready for you to use with your students.  Then you'll add in the information sheets for each country you're learning about on that particular continent.  Doing these simple things really helps you to stay on track with what you're learning, making it easy to locate, easy to learn and easy to teach as well.

Now this curriculum is completely adaptable.  You can skip things as you need or see fit.  You can do a little research on your own and add in activities you may find through other sources.  It's really easy to make it work for you and your child.

For this review, we received a full year or two semesters of the curriculum to use.  We've only been using it a few weeks but so far it's really enjoyable.  The very first is the US, the Northeast.  Each lesson is able to be downloaded so that you can print the PDF file and use it easily with multiple students or however you need to within reason.

The PDF file lessons include many options for differing grade levels.  The itinerary for the trip covers coloring the map of the country you're learning about.  You cut, color and glue the flag for that country.  Learn about the Music from that country through links provided in the curriculum.  Go "sightseeing" and see the world as you learn.  Color and make a craft from the suggestions provided.

You'll also need some additional books to learn more about the country you're learning about.  These can be easily found at the library or online if you'd rather have them remain in your collection.  (I prefer the latter.)  Either way, they are helpful in learning more.

Next you'll find the other suggested materials for crafts and other things needed for the lessons.  The exercises are really simple to complete.  Color the US in Blue.  Color each state in the North East Region a different color of your choice.  Color the US Map.  Discuss the waters in the region.  Discuss landforms and other things.  Note what countries border the US.

I really liked how this curriculum pretty much laid everything out for me.  I liked that I could do one lesson a week and it only took around an hour.  The activities and crafts were easy to do.  The lessons were short but taught a lot.  The kids greatly enjoyed learning through them, traveling the world through the program.  It made life easy for learning during a kind of stressful time in our life.

You can get Let's Go Geography to use with your students for a full year at $21.99.  There are other plans available as well and a few additional products which can be purchased like a Passport to use for your travels for an additional low fee.

Here is the 3 year plan for this program:

Because we were moving at the time of this review, I was unable to take pics for the lessons but they were really easy to discuss and work on as we moved.

You can find Let's Go Geography online at:

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Internet Struggles...

For the last month, I've had the worst time with the internet.  Between moving, Hurricane Irma and an update on my laptop, my connectivity has been extremely limited.  When you're a Blogger and Reviewer this becomes super frustrating.

So now I have a lot of catching up to do: late reviews, updating information, new blog posts to plan.  Windows 10 and my internet connection didn't like each other.  I had to bypass the issue so I could get back on track.

So now that I've gotten the issue fixed, you'll be seeing several new reviews here on the blog.  I'm so happy to be able to share with all of you again and share these wonderful items.  Bare with me as I get back on track.

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And speaking of whirlwinds, in spun another... Irma.

Hurricane Irma hit Florida full force and came straight on up over us, leaving us without Internet for several days and with a whole lotta rain.  It's funny.  I lived in Horry County, South Carolina for most of my life and I've faced many hurricanes.  I've never feared them.  Even Matthew last year didn't scare me.  But I never expected we'd move and still have a hurricane find us!

Thankfully, we experienced more of a Tropical Storm than a hurricane but it still held a lot of wind, a lot of rain and a lot of stress in the experience.  We had tin on the roof lifting because the wind was so strong.  We had branches fall from our trees.  And we had issues from the load of rain that was dumped upon us.  The rain caused issues with our septic and with our internet and cable lines.  So it's taken a little over week for us to dry back out.

But we made it.  And thankfully, those we love in Florida made it, as well as good friends in lower Georgia, in South Carolina and in North Carolina.  We are slowly getting back on track - work was also slow for Don with the rain.  Construction and rain do not go together at all.  But life keeps going and so do we!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Still Whirling Around...

Sometimes life path takes unexpected turns and you find yourself in places you never in your whole life expected that you'd be.  They aren't terrible places, nor are they permanent.  Sometimes it's just a holding point until you get to the next stop in life.  Sometimes it's an adventure you never expected would happen.

I never thought I'd be married to Donald.  I never thought I'd be married a second time.  I never thought I'd meet someone who I would follow to the ends of the Earth.  But I did.

I never thought I'd be in a place that showed me 5 states at once.  I never thought I would be able to reach three states within 30 minutes of leaving where I live.  I never expected it would be somewhere that would make me smile.

I'll be the first to admit that life is still a whirlwind and that things are far from perfect but that's life.  We live day to day.  We fall back.  We pick ourselves up and start again.  We fail, we struggle and we keep trying.

Life is what it is and as long as it keeps bringing up great adventures in places we never expected, I'm more than happy to follow this Whirlwind wherever it takes me.

For now, we're just spinning along...

Let The Little Children Come {Crew Review}

Let The Little Children Come is such a fun company for spreading the Gospel among children.  This company provides various child evangelism tools for your children to share with others, or for you to share with the children in your life.  There Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract for Halloween is an awesome alternative to just simply passing out candy.

The Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract comes in a flat sheet with 20 sheets per pack.  You or your child, your Sunday School class, your counseling group, etc. can take time to remove these sheets from their precut pages and create the adorable little pumpkins above which you can then fill with candy, bracelets, or other small objects.

The great thing about Let The Little Children Come products is that they all feature verses from the Bible to help you spread Christ's word with others.  Each leaf of the Pumpkin shares the Word of the Bible for others to gain knowledge and grow.  It's a simple and reassuring way to share God's Word with others.

These are super easy to assemble and can be done with even young children.  You simply punch out the pumpkin shape and follow the instructions to fold and make the pumpkins which you will later share with others.  Almost any age can do this activity.  It would also be great for nursing homes who need simple activities for their residents to do and share with one another.

As you can see by the image above, these are designed to be super simple to use and put together quickly so that you can share them with others.  The instructions are simple, the design is simple, the impact of God's Word is Amazing.  Such a simple and easy way to share the Gospel with one another.

How We Used These:

I had the kids set down and take apart the pumpkin boxes.  I let them fold them and before closing them, I allowed them to stick a piece of candy inside.  Candy is always a winner, right?!  And when you mix Candy and Christ, you cannot lose!

The kids then shared these with their cousins, who enjoy church and also enjoy candy.  Their parents loved them.  I know several people who are planning to place an order just because they thought these were completely adorable and a great way to share with others!

Where to Order:

You can get your Let The Little Children Come Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract for $15.95 per pack.  There are discounts for ordering more packs.  Each pack in this Box-Tract contains 20 sheets per pack for you to put together.

You Can Find Let The Little Children Come Online At:

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Apologia Marine Biology {Crew Review}

Apologia Educational Ministries is one of my absolute favorite curriculum companies ever.  When I began homeschooling around 12 years ago, Apologia came highly recommended for their wonderful science curriculum to be used with my young ones.  It took a while before I could afford to invest in their wonderfully designed curriculum but as soon as I was able, I jumped right in and I've never had a regret.  So when the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set along with the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Audio CD came up on the Vendor List, I knew this was a curriculum I did not want to miss.  Plus Miss Emmalee had specifically asked for a Marine Biology Course and what better course to do than one from Apologia Educational Ministries!

Marine Biology is the study marine life or animals and plants who live in the ocean.  Animals like dolphins, sharks, turtles, and many others.  Seaweed and other plants are included as well.  Through marine biology, you will learn just how things thrive and survive in the ocean.

Our curriculum set came with our main, colorful textbook called Exploriing Creation with Marine Biology.  This beautifully designed textbook is packed full of interesting facts and lessons on life in the salty waters of our world.  Even Jackson (5) enjoyed looking at the pages of bright animals and marine life provided in the pages of this large textbook.

Additionally, we were given a full color Student Notebook, created to be used along with the textbook for lessons.  The Student Notebook is the workbook for the curriculum, though they are never 100% necessary to use Apologia science curriculums, they are a wonderful accessory that tends to make life and lessons easier for you and your students.  The Student Notebook has questions and fun activities to keep your student intrigued with their lessons.

We were also gifted the tests and solutions for this curriculum, none of which we honestly used since I almost never test on our lessons.  But for those who enjoy giving tests for various reasons these are absolutely perfect!  They are simple black and white tests and answer sets that allow you to see where your students are at in the curriculum and what they are learning.

Last, as a part of this curriculum, we were sent the Marine Biology Second Edition MP3 Audio Book CD.  I could not survive without the Audio for my curriculum.  There are just days when you don't feel like talking or when I have other things to do and just can't get these lessons done without the audio CD.  There are days when we have doctors appointments that keep us on the go and our only option is to listen on the go.  The audio CD makes that possible to do.  There are days when I have a little one down with seizures or other health issues and the audio CD makes it easy to get our work done.  I, honestly, couldn't make it through homeschooling without the audio CD.

Another bonus for me with having the Audio CD is that I can hand it over to my teens and tell them what to do and they can listen along.  This is awesome and allows me to allow them to have independence in their education.  I know they can plug in and listen along to their lessons or read along to what they are hearing and it will help them really "get" what they are learning in the course.  My teens appreciate this as well.

Marine Biology is designed to be used by highschoolers following a prerequisite course of Biology.  Biology gives a good foundation for learning more specific biology courses afterwards.  It helps your student better prepare for a second biology course and the things they learn about in it.

Marine Biology does require a few specifics that we were able to work around: specific slides for Marine Biology to be viewed through a microscope, which we were able to look up online to see.  Dissection is also a requirement.  Emma wasn't so sure about that part of her assignments but after seeing a different mammal dissected by a family member recently, she found it wasn't so bad and was actually kind of interesting.  So now she's ready to do some dissecting for herself.  So though we also worked around this requirement by looking up things online, we will be going back to complete these assignments in person very soon.

Apologia Educational Ministries has Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set available to purchase for $115.   This includes the textbook, student notebook and the tests and solutions manual as well.  You can purchase the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Audio CD for an additional $29.

Apologia on Social Media:

Instagram:   @apologiaworld
Twitter:   @apologiaworld

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