Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thankful Mommy {December 12, 2009}

The greatest word I have ever heard is the sound of my babies calling me "Mommy".  There is nothing sweeter than their voices calling my name, even when I'm at my tiredest.  There is nothing better than their beautiful smiles when they see me coming to see or help them.  I am grateful.  Grateful for my three beautiful children.  Grateful that they are well-behaved.  Grateful for their love of God and their understanding of his Love and Lessons in our lives.  I appreciate this gift God has given to me.  I thank him for entrusting me with three of His greatest gifts, His children, to raise to gracious adults.  I can never thank Him enough for this, their blessing, to my life.  God's love does, and will always, amaze me.

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