Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Winter Blahs {December 15, 2009}

It's Tuesday.  Mid-December.  Spent most of our day in the doctor's office.  Both girls have a cold and ear infection.  Emmalee's been running a fever and Laycie has been overly fussy.  The doctor looked them both over and sent us home with Amoxil for infection.  I have been praying for them.  Praying that God will relieve the pain that they are feeling and heal them quickly.  Poor sweet babies.  Emma's staying home again tomorrow just to make sure that the medicine is working before she goes to school on Thursday.  Definitely, going to school Thursday, though, because it is Christmas party day.  I would hate for her to miss that.  Socializing is so important to her.  Well, this is just a quick update.  Now off to do college online.

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