Saturday, February 20, 2010

Homeschooling Again {First Day of Homechooling: February 2010}

Last week we began homeschooling again.

My oldest two had been attending a local public school but it just wasn't working out for us.  My son was falling farther and farther behind in his reading and other educational skills and my daughter was not working up to her potential in Kindergarten.  Her skills were much more advanced then her classes were offering her.  So we decided the best thing to do was homeschool again.

A couple of weeks ago, I contacted our local homeschooling organization and enrolled the kids for homeschooling.  It took a few weeks to iron out our details and have the extra cash for our fees but as soon as we did, we were ready to go. 

My information was officially approved this past Monday.  On Tuesday, I informed the school of our decision to homeschool and also told them that would be my children's last day attending their school.  On Wednesday, we were home and ready to begin, but because it was Emmalee's birthday and we had a ton of company coming in and out we skipped school this day.

Thursday was our first official day of homeschooling.  It was a relatively simple day.  We managed to cover all the basic subjects and we set up a schedule to work each day. 

Our day starts with breakfast.
Next comes devotions.  We read a daily devotional online using CBH Ministries, Key's for Kids, then we write the verse of the day as our copywork for handwriting skills.  While we are writing, we listen to a Christian Children's Radio show online using
After devotions is Grammar, using Scott Foresman's Grammar books.  The kids really enjoy this workbook.
Next the kids do reading online for 30 minutes using  They do a few other online activities dealing with reading at this time too.
Next we do Scott Foresman Math, then science.
Finally we do Social Studies, using Lesson Pathways online.  Each day provides us with new activities to use.

We have tweaked this schedule a little, adding more worksheets and also adding a Bible curriculum starting with Creation for History.  Each day we discuss a new section of the bible in an explaination of where the world began. 

The kids are enjoying being home again.  They love the ease of learning at their own pace.  They are working together well.  Our only obstacle at this time is occupying a whily toddler!  We look forward to many more days homeschooling and daily growing in our love of God and our learning to come.

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  1. Congratulations on homeschooling again, Dana! I know it will be a huge blessing to you and your family.


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