Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow in 2010

So far 2010 has been full of surprises. 

The biggest for me thus far is SNOW in Georgetown.  We are so close to the water that normally we would not even see snow here.  But since my little Emma has been sad to know that they had snow in Spartanburg, I would like to think God granted her white wonderland wishes and gave her some of the good stuff to play in.

The kids were very excited to look out their window earlier and see the fat little blogs of ice floating downwards from the sky.  They were even happier when they realized that it was indeed going to stick and coat everything in it's wet fuzzy wonderness.  They patiently watched and waited.  They ran everytime I called them from the back door to see the fluffy goodness from heaven. 

They were even more excited when I told them to don their boots and head out in the stuff around 7pm.  They ran and played and felt the drops fall down onto their skin.  They caught flakes with their tongues.  They scooped snow off the van.  They made snowballs and started a war.  They complained about the wonderful coldness of it all but they LOVED it none the less.  A viable science lesson provided by God.

Then they came back inside to lay on the floor in front of the fire and watch a movie until bedtime.  They were anxious for sleep because they know with the dawn comes more outdoor fun in the Wintery Wonderland God has blessed us with outside.  Tomorrow brings snow fights and snow cream, melting flakes and Snowmen. 

But for now, it's goodnite and sweet dreams for the February Snow of 2010.

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