Friday, March 5, 2010

Ahhh Thursday {March 5, 2010}

My day started a little late because I wasn't feeling too well.  I awoke to three cute smiling faces. 

My handsome son had fixed his sisters breakfast, and done a great job making their cereal. 

Once I got up and around, feeling a little better, my sweet princess decided we needed a dress up day.  She picked out make-up for her Momma and helped me fix it up.  She chose a lovely pink bow for my hair.  My son brushed my hair "smooth" and the extra attention really felt nice.  I picked out my favorite pink pants and a couple of tank tops, since I was just doing odds and ends in the house. 

My princess chose to wear her blue and white dress today and use a purple bow in her hair.  She brushed her own hair (I'm so proud of this new achievement of hers) and put her bow in.  Then we did her makeup.  What a gorgeous girl I have! 

Overall, it was a terrific Thursday, relaxing and full of love.  We sang and danced and made memories today that cannot be replaced.  And what beautiful memories they are.

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