Saturday, March 20, 2010

B is for Bufflehead by Steve Hutchcraft : {Book Review}

B is for Bufflehead
Flying through the ABC’s with fun feathered friends
Steve Hutchcraft, author and photographer
Published by Photohutch

B Is For Bufflehead, ABC Book, Steve Hutchcraft

A new look at the alphabet through a gorgeous flock of photography, Steve Hutchcraft presents an interesting look at our fine-feathered friends for young and old alike. Each letter of the alphabet details at least one new bird, along with a wealth of fun facts about each one.

This book would make a wonderful unit study for the homeschool world or a great addition to a Charlotte Mason type living books library. My kids enjoyed each tidbit of information and every lifelike photograph included in the book.

B is for Bufflehead, ABC Book, Steve Hutchcraft
Presented at the end of the storyline are fun questions to help reinforce the information provided on each page. There is also a section of extra facts for each bird, such as what geographical area the bird can be found in, what it eats and what kind of habitat it calls home, as well as much more.

I recommend this book to the young and old alike, especially bird watchers and nature lovers. It can be purchased online at for $19.95.


  1. beautiful photos in this book! I'll have to go look for it.

  2. My kids love birds. My little ones are dong ABC's and this would make a very fun addition. Thanks a ton for sharing.


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