Monday, March 1, 2010

Busy Mom's Bible - Week 1: Day 2

I'm a little behind with this post which was supposed to come a few days ago but our littlest angel was sick so it couldn't be helped.  Thankfully, it was just a little cold and she's so much better now.

During this reading of the Busy Mom's Bible, I reviewed the Reflect & Pray section of the Creator.  First, I reread the 1 minute lesson on God's Creation of the Earth and then I read the Reflect & Pray to build upon what I had read. 

God created EVERYTHING.  He created the Earth.  He created the moon and Sun.  He created you and me and everything living thing.  His imagination and creativity is an amazing thing to behold. 

He created my beautiful children.  He sculpted them into the gorgeous little beings they are.  He gave them their personalities.  Winston, my shy, skittish boy.  Emmalee, my stubborn, outgoing social Princess.  Laycie, my queen bee, who gets her point across rather quickly when she's got her mind set upon it.  God gave them each these qualities for his own wonderful purpose. 

As for me, God gave me to ability to love these children.  He gave me the creativity to design for them fun rooms that fit their personalities.  He allowed me the artistic ability to photograph these Angels, somewhat decently, to share their uniqueness with the world.  He gave  me the gift of being able to artistically paint when I put my mind to it.  He blessed me with the opportunity and brains to be able to teach my sweet babies daily in our home.  I'm truly blessed to have such an imaginative Father, who shaped me into a creative person, much like himself.  His love for me causes my Love for Him to shine through and to grow and build everyday.  It flows into my children and out of them into their little worlds. 

God's Love is immense and infinite.  Truly we are blessed to have His Love and to share in that Love with Him. 

I'm thankful He is the creator of all and that He chose to create me and the wonderful life I am living.

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