Friday, March 19, 2010

Busy Mom’s Bible – Week 3

Busy Mom’s Bible – Week 3

I’m a little behind on sharing week 3’s lesson but here goes anyway.

I chose to read the section on our Heavenly Father this week. The key word is as you guessed: Father. The shared scripture is Mark 10:15-16.

This scripture tells us to be child-like when it comes to Heaven. My take on this is that we should have a child-like, joyous heart and allow our Heavenly Father to parent us. This is also about trust: trusting each other and most of all trusting God. Trusting him to be there and to guide us as a parent does their child.

In fact, we should all take the time to turn to God as our Father, to listen to what he has to say and follow His ways. Imagine yourself resting your head upon the shoulder of God and let his heavenly Love heal all your pain and trust in His word and Love for us all.

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