Monday, March 15, 2010

Every Day I'm in God's Presence {March 15, 2010}

"Every day I'm in God's presence, and He will provide for me!" ~ Susie Larson, Growing Grateful Kids - a book I am currently reviewing.

How true these words ring!  Have you ever thought about the times you have been in need in your life?  What lead you through those times?  Think about those times you just felt LOST.  Was the right path somehow provided?  And how about the times when you had a little less than you needed.  Did you somehow find enough?

I've been through many days when I wondered why I was even here on Earth, what I was going to do to make it through.  Somehow, someway I have always been able to find my answer to those questions.  Those little trials seemed so big at the time but now, in hind's light, they seem small. 

My little mustard seed of Faith has always seen me through, even in my darkest hours.  Every day I was in God's presence, and every day He provided for me.  Even today, He is still providing.

How has He provided for you???

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