Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just some Q & A {March 6, 2010}

Full Name: Dana Carletta Lambert
Age: 30
Birth date:  June 20, 1979
Siblings:  Della, Tracy, Benjie, Lance and Terris
Pets: Sassy and Tweetie
Nicknames:  Angel and Pookie
Schooling/degrees:  High school graduate, freshman in college

Colour:  PINK
Food:  Italian
Beverage:  Pepsi or sweet tea
Ice cream flavour:  Mint Chocolate Chip
Chocolate:  Mint or Dark
Class:  English or computers
Teacher:  Myself of course!
Number:  13
Flower:  Gardenia
Day:  Friday
Book:  On Fortune's Wheel by Cynthia Voight
Movie:  A Walk To Remember
Actor/Actress:  Brendan Fraser
TV show:  Army Wives
Fast Food Restaurant:  McDonalds
Store:  Barnes and Nobles
Board Game:  The Game of Life
CD:   Sugarland anything
Singer/s:  Sugarland
Musical Instrument(s):  Saxaphone
Cologne/Perfume:  Weekend
Computer Game:  Sims 2
Pastime:  Anything internet related
Thing to do on the Weekend:  Love on my kids
Word/Phrase:  Right
Holiday:  Halloween
Sleeping position:  Curled up on side

Colour:  Bright yellow
Food:  Licourice
Beverage:  coffee
Class/Subject:  Chemistry
Teacher:  School teacher
Movie:  Too many to name
Restaurant:  Captain D's
Word/Phrase:  Actually
Day:  Sunday but not because of church, because it's a wait til tomorrow cuz Monday comes and this day dragggsss day.
Chore:  BATHROOM :(

Been In Love:  I am now :)
Used Tobacco:  Yea :(
Drank Alcohol:  OH yea
Smoked weed:  Sadly yea :(
Done Drugs:  Not really
Broken the Law:  Not purposely
Thought you were going to die:  YES
Run away from home:  NO
Broken a bone:  Thankfully no
Lied:  Yes but nothing major
Had a Medical Emergency:  Yes

Love at first sight:  Oh yea
Luck: Yes
Aliens:  Can't say I don't
Ghosts:  Yes
Horoscopes:  Somewhat
Heaven:  Definintely
Hell:  Most definitely
Yourself:  Sometimes
Angels:  Certainly do

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
Oranges or apples:  Apples
One pillow or two:  two
Pools or hot tubs:  pools
TV or radio:  radio
Paper or plastic:  paper, it degrades faster
Summer or winter:  SUMMER :)
Day or night:  Night

Cried:  Today but out of joy not sadness
Went to a movie:  Last month
Talked on the phone:  Today :)
Read a book:  A little today

Your most prized and important material possession:  My camera and my laptop tie
Your biggest accomplishment:  My beautiful children
Your biggest fear:  Losing my babies
Your biggest talent:  Painting, photography
Your biggest weakness:  My kids smiles when they want something
The first thing you do in the morning?  Smile at my children
The worst thing you did as a child?  Lie
The best advice you have ever received?  Better to be honest then not.  Why lie?
The best yet worst thing about you?  My honesty lol
The characteristics you inherited from your parents?  Stubborn and I yell too much
Five words to describe yourself? 
1. Loving
2.  Honest
3.  Great mom
4. strong believer
5. faithful
The most pleasant thing about you?  I'm generally a happy go lucky person
The most unpleasant thing about you?  My temper
The first thing/s that attracts you to a person of the opposite sex?  Their eyes

Makes you laugh the most:  My kids
Is the most psychotic person you know:  My mom
Is the nicest person you know:  Tamara
Do you go to for advice:  Kim
Do you hate:  No one
Knows the most about you:  Kim or Tamara
Has it easier, guys or girls:  Girls
Sends you the most emails:  Christie
Would you love to play in a movie?  No one

Happy:  My kids
Really Sad: my Mom and my kids (sometimes)
Really Angry:  Tim - my ex

School:  Working hard at it for me and the kids
Your friends:  I love them... they are my family, not just friends.
Being male/female:  I was born to be a girl :)
Life:  Loving my life now
What is something about you that nobody knows:  I feel peaceful with where I am in life right now.

A rebel or do you follow all the rules:  A bit of both
A leader or a follower:  More of a follower
A good friend:  Definitely
A good listener:  I try to be
Shy or outgoing:  More shy then outgoing.

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