Friday, March 19, 2010

Laycie's Growing Up {March 19, 2010}

Laycie's learning to write and color!  She's getting to be such a big girl.  In just a few weeks she will turn 2.  She's still not talking well, but thankfully her seizures have been under control for over a year.  In fact, she has not had a single seizure in a year now.  I'm so estatic about this!  

For her speech, I have been working on some theraputic  exercises, mostly just talking clearly to her and presenting her with the correct words to answer.  I know she can hear me and hear me well because of her responses.  I am afraid it's her tongue that is preventing her from talking, as she is slightly tongue-tied, but I am hoping that in the next few months her speech blossoms.  Just taking it day by day to see what happens.

She's truly growing up.  She has the sweetest disposition, though she definately lets us know when she's not happy about something.  

I could not be more in love with my sweet blue-eyed girl!

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  1. You have a precious blog.
    I Love the pictures and the Easter eggs.


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