Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Scent of Spring {Spring 2010}

My mind is running miles and miles a minute.  There is a long trailing list of things I would love to write about.  It must be the lovely Spring weather. 

Spring brings about new beginnings and outdoor fun.  It brings the creatures of the earth out of hiding and the flowers into bloom.  These are the things the kids enjoy most. 

Speaking of the kids: they have been enjoying the outdoors this week.  They went to the park while they were visiting their Aunt.  They have played outside, riding in the jeep and playing on the slide. 

Laycie has joyously stomped her bare feet across the grass all over our yard.  She's enjoyed the new soft, green blades tickling her feet.  She loves pulling at the dead growth and watching it blow upon the wind when she lets go. 

We have greatly enjoyed the wonderful weather and taking Laycie a quick four wheeler ride.  Sunday we stopped several places around the area to watch the water and smell the still-cool salty air.  The last remnants of Winter and the fresh beginnings of Spring.

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  1. Looking forward to some Spring. Although in the midwest it usually brings floods, tornados, and tons of Rainy Days. There are some great days in between I love to relish.


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