Monday, March 1, 2010

Thank God It's Monday {Thoughts from Me}

Ahh, Mondays.  They get a bad wrap every week.  The beginning of the work week.  Start of hard labor.  First day after a relaxing weekend. 

Over time people have come to dread even hearing the word Monday.  They cringe when they even hear the word.

I've decided to give Monday back it's greatness or rather it's gratefulness by Thanking God It's Monday.

Thank God It's Monday...
Thank God for beautiful smiles.
Thank God for soft, giggles after a tickle session.
Thank God for ABC's and 123's, repeated over and over again.
Thank God for eating Basgetti and Smarshmellows when we get the urge.
Thank God for all the Mac N Cheese.
Thank God for wiggling toes and this Little Piggy who went to a market.
And Thank God for the chance to love, to live and to laugh every day...
Including Mondays.

What do you Thank God and Monday for?

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