Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Totally Tuesday {Our Journey to Homeschooling}

Our journey in homeschooling began when my oldest child became old enough to be enrolled in public school at age 5.  Up until that time I hadn't thought of how I wanted my son to be educated.  I did not know homeschooling even existed.  I learned of homeschooling through parenting boards online.  I began researching this "new" way of learning.  I prayed for God to "show" me more about this method of education and if he wished for me to educate my children this way, for Him to make it happen.

The more I researched, the more I prayed.  Slowly, I began finding more and more information on the subject.  I began seeing homeschooling books in the library, the thrift store, the bookstore, even in the trash Swap buildings around my area.  I took each of these things as a sign to learn more, so I did.

My next step was to research my state laws, and find an assocation to contact for more information.  God blessed me again in this journey by leading me to Vine and Branches Home Educators.  Melinda Tavernier, the director, was full of information and enthusiastic support that thrust us on into our homeschooling journey.  I immediately registered with Vine and Branches and started educating my children at home.

I found that this was the best option for my family.  It allowed my children to have extra time with me.  It allowed my daughter, who has Epilepsy, to have the rest and daily routine she needs in order to control her seizures.  It also allowed me to give my children the biblical-based education that I wished for them to have.

Last year, circumstances caused me to have to leave my children with my Mother, who has been against my homeschooling from the beginning.  I trusted her to continue my children's education as I had wished but instead she chose to have my children registered into public school.  From August 2009 until a few weeks ago in February, my children attended public school because they wished to.  It allowed them a wonderful experience but was not the education that we wished for them to have. 

For months, I prayed for God to show me the path He wanted us to follow.  I, once again, looked for answers from Him and quickly He provided.  I came back home and was able to once again register with Vine and Branches.  Once again, everywhere I turned there was provided curriculum to use with my beautiful babies.  I have obtained a great support system of friends who have lifted me up in my decision to homeschool again.  My children decided they wanted to come home to school and daily they drive me to teach them.  They will not allow me to miss a day or let them off easily.  They thirst for learning and cannot drink enough of knowledge.  And they are learning, truly learning, every day.  It's a beautiful thing. 

We still have a ways to go on this journey and many paths to race down but we will get there, and we will do it together, with God's guidance every step of the way.  Thus far, it's been a wonderful journey into homeschooling and we look forward to much more!


  1. just wow, what a story! God bless you in this journey with your kids! We love homeschooling, I am so grateful we live in a country where we are free to chose this type of education for our families.

  2. Thanks... I'm thankful we live in a country that we are able to choose what and how are children are taught too. It is such a blessing.


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