Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Update: March 31, 2010

Lately I have had a bit of writer's block.  I am not sure why, just in a bit of a funk.  Woke up this morning feeling like I am getting a stomach bug, though I certainly hope not.

The older kids are on Spring Break this week.  They are staying with their aunt, uncle and cousin.  Things like the park, church and Chuck E. Cheese were on the Fun Agenda for the week, not to mention the Wii and other video games galore, so I'm more than certain they are having a great time. :)  I miss them like the dickens.

So, it's just me and the Laycie Boo, keeping each other company this week.  She is currently interested in loving babies, which is sweet to see.  She tugs around her little doll and her bear from her hospital stay when she was 4 mths old.  She feeds them, holds them, kisses them, tucks 'em in, sings to them and will not go to sleep without them next to her.  It amazes me how someone so small can understand so much love and I'm thankful that she has learned that love from me and the world around her. 

Starting tomorrow I am taking away the paci again.  I had given it back to her when she began developing serious winter colds to help her open her mouth for breathing.  For her it works.  But now that cold season is over, it's time to take it away again.  Besides she has begun chewing them like crazy. Major no-no.

I'm reworking the classroom/dining room this week too and trying to find some bits of spring to spread throughout the house.  I moved the bookshelf from our hallway into the classroom to put all the books in one place and give a little extra room for paper and crayons.  I'm threw with the "this is for school" battle I previously had going with Miss Emmalee and have decided to make these things accessible for her creative needs instead so long as she continues to clean up her mess and stay organized (so hard for her and me too).  Tomorrow the kids computer desk gets a revamp, poor unknowing thing!

I'm trying to get into Spring Cleaning but this inpending feeling of coming down with something is trying it's best to prevent my Spring-like efforts and the lovely layer of pollen coating all of our yard isn't helping much either.  I'm a fighter though, so we will see who comes out on TOP in the end of the Spring Wars.  Probably, Spring itself - just saying, Mother Nature is much bigger than little ole me! LOL

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