Sunday, June 20, 2010

31 Things for my 31st Year

31 Things I'd like to accomplish this year:

1. Write... lots of things... blog, write a book, write letters to friends, family, my kids... just write, about any and everything.

2. Make the kids each a scrapbook to pick up where their baby books left off.

3. Take pictures... lots and lots of pictures... practice my photography and get ready for the future.

4.  Bake: make new cakes, try out icings, specialize in great cakes just for fun.

5.  Paint: finish those ornaments I started so long ago... paint my christmas houses, make gifts, be creative.

6.  Paint: the kids rooms, bathrooms, the house.... finish the dream rooms I started for them.

7.  Organize: my house, my life, and everything in between.

8. Declutter: my home, my life, my self.

9.  Become who I want to be, who I am, and not this person that I've been living as the past few years.

10.  Laugh: at my kids, at the dogs, friends, whoever but laugh lots and love lots too.

11.  Daily Devotional: for myself and for my kids.  Make it habit to spend my morning with God and to show my children this same love.

12.  Plant some flowers: and beautify our yard.

13.  Read a book, or two or three dozen.

14.  Plan ahead for school for me and the kids.

15.  Go to the zoo... show my kids the polar bears and elephants.

16.  Lay on the sand and feel the sun on my skin.

17.  Play in the sprinkler with my babies.

18.  Kiss my kids and tell them I love them every day. (This one is easy)

19.  Love myself with all I am. (easy too)

20.  Pray, for everything and everyone as I am supposed to.

21.  Train my dogs.

22.  Have a game night each week with the kids.

23.  Play Barbies with Em and video games with Win.

24.  Decorate for each holiday and make cupcakes.

25.  Make cupcakes and cookies, just because.

26.  Give myself a make-over, new haircut and all.

27.  Plan our life and enjoy every moment we have together.

28.  Drive.

29.  Boat. Fish in the pond.

30.  Eat healthier.  Drink less Pepsi.

31.  Love like there is no tomorrow and today is our last.

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  1. You have some great answers. It's hard to pick a favorite one. I do wish I had taken more pictures.


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