Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Change Change Change

This week has brought about much change in our lives.  I know I keep talking about change in all of my posts lately but this week really begins it all. 

What is change?  Coins that you get back from a dollar bill?  No, not this change.  Change is a new season in life.  A new beginning and also an ending to the old ways.  Change is not always welcome but it usually turns out to be for the best. 

My change comes on the official ending of a bad relationship and the beginning and continuous of a new one.  My change comes out of choice, a choice to no longer be who I was but to become who I was meant to be.  My change also comes out of my need to do what God wishes for my life, following His divine guidance into where and what He wishes me to be.

So my biggest questions have been where to begin and what next?  My Mom is on her way to Florida to be settled with my brother's family, leaving me not having to worry about her for now.  I'm settled in my new home, though I have much to do inside it still.  So where to begin next and what to do?

First, each day I have been taking time to pray to the Lord and to read my daily devotional from  I find much inspiration in these devotionals and sometimes I read two because I enjoy them so much.

Right now, I have much to go through, get rid of and put away in our home.  I also need to set up our school schedule again, which in light of MaMa's visit, has fallen to the wayside.  But admist the chaos school cannot be completed, so the first step is managing and containing the clutter obtained in the past few months and a lifetime of memories which should have departed long ago. 

Now, I am by far no housekeeper (though it is one of my legal jobs).  I can keep a house for you, your sister, Mom, friend but I have a terrible time managing my own home.  It always ends in disaster for me, a cluttered mess.  This is something I truly want to overcome.  And that is one of my recent life goals: to learn to manage my home, time and children's lives better, thus managing my own life better.

So I'm on a search for bettering myself and my home skills while connecting ever more towards my Heavenly Father.  I'm following His path, His guidance... and right now He's telling me the past is past and it's time to get started.  Wish me luck!

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