Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Blah {June 3. 2010}

Georgetown, Harbor, South Carolina, Boats

Lately, I seem to have this overwhelming funk floating over my life that I can't seem to get to go away.  I can't quite explain it, just an unknown sad waiting feeling that is hanging there.  Everything in life seems to be right but nothing I do seems very satisfying or life-amending to me. 

I feel at peace in my soul but still something is feeling lacking, undone, or as if it just hasn't arrived yet.  I've mentioned feeling like I'm waiting a lot lately, and in ways I suppose I am.  I want to write, but I cannot grasp on a concept to write about.  I have leads but none that pay off in the end. 

I have so much that needs to be done but no idea where to start.  As I said already, many things have started falling into place, but there is much more to come. 

Maybe it's life's changes catching up to me or lack of sleep.  Either way, I just wish I could remove the funk and pull the sunshine back into my life.  Hopefully, tomorrow comes with a new rainbow and a shiny pot of gold to boot.

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  1. I pray you are able to get out of the blah's soon.


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