Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life {June 2, 2010}

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about my life and the twists and turns it has taken.  When I was in High School I would have never thought I'd end up where I'm at now.  In High School, I had planned to attend college, have a degree in teaching and return to my hometown school system to educate my family and friend's children.  God had another plan for me though.

When I was 17, I met the man I married and like a lot of young girls, I quickly threw away my dreams of college for dreams of marriage, happiness and life.  I had no idea the truth of the real world and I was blinded by the "love" I felt for the man I was with at that time.  I married him when I was 19, had my son when I turned 21 and my daughter at age 23.  I stayed in that marriage until I was 27 and did my best to make a good life for me and my children. 

At age 27, I met my ex-fiance who is possibly the most abusive man I've ever known next to my own father.  I never divorced my husband and I'm thankful for that because if I had, I would have ended up married to this man and I'd be stuck in something that I had a terrible time getting out of in the first place.  I was with my ex until almost right at my 30th birthday.  In two years time, this relationship did more damage to my heart and soul than my 10 year relationship with my husband.  The only goodness to come from it was my beautiful baby girl, Laycie. 

In 18 days, I turn 31.  I can hardly believe my birthday is already here again.  Each year flies by faster than the last and I know one of these days I will wake up as an old lady, my children grown and my sweet grandbabies toddling into my arms.  I wonder what I will remember about these years with my children, of their young lives that have flown past us. 

This is not the life I wanted for us but this is the life that was given to me from God himself.  Even though there is still much I want to do, much I want to remember and create lovingly with my children, I am thankful for every day, every cherished moment.  Even the not so good moments of abuse and anger which have made me and them stronger.  I am thankful to God for all that He has chosen to bless me with and I pray daily that His blessings continue to grow and multiply in our lives each day and that He shares our blessings with each and every one of our loved ones throughout our lifetime.

God is AMAZING and so is Life.


  1. I like the word "God-incidence," since everything is planned and allowed by him and nothing is by chance. Doesn't it bring peace to know one day we'll understand all the seeming detours our lives took? :^)

  2. So true Tina. I can hardly wait to look back and see what everything has lead my life to become. Certainly another path would not have strengthened my life and love in Christ as this one has.


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