Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boys Room Done {July 28, 2010}

I'm happy to announce that my boy's room is now finished.  I do have a few things to do in there, like reduce the amount of cars they own and rid of half-bodied Transformers that have slipped through my trash radar but overall it is done.

It took three days of work but it was well worth it all.  I still have to find their mattress pads for each of their beds and wash their comforters to finish making up their beds but all the rest is finished.

Toy bins

These Pennants were passed down from my Mom.

Winston's bunk with his animal collection and purple sheet (fav color).

The TV zone

These three cubbies were passed down from Grami to the boys.  They were used with baskets for storage by her but now are sitting on top of the dresser to hold the boy's personal items/collections.

A shot of the stuff inside the cubbies.

I've had this picture forever but it never really went with Winston's old bedroom theme (Cowboys).  It fits perfectly with the new sports theme.

This is a before... note the ruffled edge.

Without ruffles.  A less feminine curtain for the boys.

The curtains hanging above the play table.  Win's X-men collection is hanging on both sides of the windows and more stuffed things top the windows.  A baseball rug brings the sports theme down to the floor.

The kids love the new made-over room.  It only took a few minutes for the girls to tear it out for Win.    

Next I'm going to work on the classroom/dining room and get things set up for us to begin school work again.  I think the rest of the house has become a huge disaster but they always say things look worse before they look better.  We are hoping to be able to purchase a storage building to place on our property within the next month since there is not nearly enough space for things in the house.  I look forward to that purchase but for now I'm managing to declutter and put things in their place slowly.  It's a never-ending process but I'm finding it fun to work through.

Til next time...

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  1. Hi, Dana~

    WOW! You did an awesome job on the boy's room. You have given me some motivation to get Kiddo's room done.

    Thank you for sharing your pics!



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