Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home Re-Vamp

That's right... we are in the middle of a full-home makeover.  It's going a little bit slower than I wish but in the end it's all going to be more than worth it.  It's a spring clean/remodel in the middle of July.  Who could ask for more???

Thus far I have:
     A new closet install in the girls' room.
     Changed around the furniture in the girls' room, as well as added a new (to us) dresser (Emmalee's).
     Decluttered in the girls room and many other areas of our house. (Still working on this one.)
     Re-organized in the girls room, though I'm still working on this too.
     Emptied the "junk drawers", which have now become the kitchen utensil drawers. 
     Cleaned out and organized the laundry room.
     Moved the freezer into the dining/classroom. (Magnet zone for the kids now)
     Cleaned out (meaning completely washed out) said freezer and re-inserted food.
     Moved the trashcan to where the freezer used to be.
     Cleaned out and re-organized the family heirloom glass cabinet. (aka the "good" dishes)
     Gone through 80% of my storage trailer (which soon has to be emptied and returned to it's owner).

Still to go:
     I need to empty our pots and pan cabinet and figure out where to store those items.  (Getting a dishwasher soon!)
     Clean out under the sink storage and re-organize.
     Finish up in the girls' room.
     Re-organize the spice cabinet.
     And soooo much more!

This is only a start.  Once the dishwasher is installed, I will decide whether or not to paint the kitchen cabinets (thinking black to match the appliances).  I also have to paint the girls' room and their bathroom in the future, and finish the boys' bathroom (we have three bathrooms in our home).

Lot's to do but at least it's keeping me busy.  Till next time!


  1. ♥ your blog. Your kids are so adorable. & congrads on getting a dishwasher. I SOOO wish I had one. I'm jealous ☺
    Follow you back

  2. Ugh! So much work, but it will be so nice when it's done.


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