Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update and a Thought {July 14, 2010}

Update and a Thought...

I've been extremely busy lately re-organizing the house and doing a late-summer cleaning.  Plus kids, a terrible two-dler, working on Saturdays and keeping up with the day to day, hasn't left much time for fun stuff and online.  Good news is that it's all getting done and bad news is that I'm still no where near the end of the tunnel (HELP! I can't find the light! LOL). 

While I was cleaning up earlier, going through the monstrosity of stuff I've accumulated (with my dear Mom's help) over the past 31 years (and let's not forget to add the kids' over-abundance of possessions that are never played with), I had a lot of thoughts.  For one, why do I keep all of these things?  And why do I feel guilty to get rid of a simple ugly doll just because my Mom gave it to me at a time when she didn't have a lot of money to give me anything?  Why do I feel sad to toss Grandpa's old steel cup that I never once saw him drink out of?  These are just things, material possessions, not the persons or memories themselves.

Then I began to consider even more stuff.  Like why do we teach our children the same things that we have been taught from birth.  We come into the world with nothing but a Mother and possibly a Father who hopefully loves us more than life itself.  We have no possessions.  We are naked and as basic as we can be.  It's then that we are taught to want and need and that we begin to crave these unnecessary things in life. 

We are taught we should grow, we should walk, talk, play.  We are taught we should need a Barbie because Sally has one, or a bike because Joe peddles his like a mad fool.  We should attend schools with 1000's of other children and spend our days with them, until we come home to a Mom who has a great meal cooked waiting on Dad to come in from work.  And we should want a similar life, with a nice home, a car, dog or cat, and beautifully well-behaved children.  The American Life.  Our life's goal is to grow into a very old person, with a loving family and something to show for our time here. 

Truly, life doesn't work that way at all.  Many children don't have that home-cooked meal from Mom, or a Dad who works hard to provide that  meal.  Some don't have a Barbie or bike or that cool new Zhui Zhui pet.  They're home may not even be there in the morning.  And life can be taken away in a flash.  Tomorrow is not promised, only this moment we are in. 

So my thought is, why do we teach our children to want and need the American Life?  Why not teach them instead to live in the day, in the moment and to love and appreciate what they have in this instant in life?  The Now.  Life is short, and God is calling each of us every day.  I, for one, want my children to be ready to live in the Love and Light of the Lord.  To hear His will and be guided by Him and to want all the treasures of Heaven, for they will be there before we know it, in the blink of an eye, when He calls us all home.

Till next time... Dana


  1. Very well said! Loved reading this. I'm with you in the midst of going through stuff... packing for another move. I think of all the hours spent packaging everything up. Hours lost. The more "stuff" we have, the more time we waste organizing it, and packing it, and setting it up again, and cleaning it, and fussing over it. It seems hard to let things go because I am so accustomed to this American life. I needed this little priority reminder. Thank you. I think I'll go pack a few things in the trash.:)

  2. I've been thinking a lot about this very concept, too, Dana - trying to get myself to remember (really remember) that I am not a citizen of the United States - as much as I love this country - and should not get caught up in its culture. If I really am the citizen of Heaven I know I am because of Jesus...well, then I have to understand myself to be living as cross-culturally as if I were an American in Japan. Gotta replace American culture with "Jesus culture" in my own mind and heart...and then for my kids. :^)


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