Friday, August 6, 2010

30 Day Journal - Day 6: 20 Favorite Things

Day 6:
20 of My Favorite Things

  1. My Family - my children and my dog!
  2. The internet - what would I do without it?
  3. God - who plays a part in who I am.
  4. Reading - knowledge is an important and powerful thing in life.
  5. Homeschooling - or Independant Education, as I like to call it.  Love watching my kids learn!
  6. Olive Garden and their delicious meals (and yummy breadsticks too!)
  7. Handpainting - my release from stress.
  8. Hot baths - to soak away the day.
  9. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream - nothing like it, especially in a milkshake!!
  10. Pepsi - my coffee
  11. Snuggling with my babies - brings happiness to my heart.
  12. My son asking for a hug - because he is not the affectionate one!
  13. My Princessa style - unique just like her!
  14. My baby's sweet, clutching hugs - and how she says the word as she does it, so proudly!
  15. Dancing with my babies
  16. Comfy pants - that fit like a second skin.
  17. Reading blogs - an easy way to look into the lives of others and to learn so much about this crazy life!
  18. Music - spirit and joy shown through the words of the world
  19. Good friends - who love you no matter how silly, crabby, happy or sad you are.
  20. "Good Morning Mommy" all the way to "Good-night" - I love my babies happy smiles.

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