Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School Time {August 2010}

It's that time of year again.  Everyone is preparing to return to the days of school.  Even those of us who Home Educate.  The past few days (week?) has been spent picking out curriculum, planning out school work, interviewing the kids to see what they want to learn about this year.  Emma is full of suggestions, some great, other's off-the-wall, but interests of hers none-the-less.  Will I get to all of it?  Probably not, but I'll darn sure try my best to!

One thing I've noticed for sure this year is that parents everywhere are happy to have their children return to a routine of daily education.  For me, I can't wait to have that scheduled learning going on again.  I love having my children home with me everyday 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Sure it gets tough, but life was not meant to be easy for any of us.

As I read other Mother's saying "I can't wait for school to start so the kids can go back", I feel a little sad inside.  I wonder if these parents know what they are truly missing out on in their rush for their children to leave them?  The sweet smiles they daily miss, the enjoyment on their child's face and in their heart when they discover something new they did not know.  Do they realize someone else, someone not connected to their child, is enjoying all these moments that God intended them to have? 

I'm thankful to live in America, to have the freedom to choose how I educate my child and to be blessed to have every moment with my children that God made just for me, their Mother.  I remember the days before I knew what Home Education was, how brainwashed (for lack of a better term) I was about children "needing" a "public" education.  I am THANKFUL I no longer think or feel that way.  I am THANKFUL that this is the path that God lead us upon (even though many people, family included do not understand my decision in this or that it was indeed God-led). 

I know each family has to decide what is best for them but I do pray for the families who cannot wait for their children to leave, give them a break, grow up, etc., that those parents will see just how much being with and loving each and every moment with your children is a blessing and a gift from God, before they really are grown, gone and it's way too late.  I pray God shows these parents that their children are blessing and not the inconviences they have allowed their hearts to portray.

I'm asking that my blogging friends also join me in this prayer and hope they too appreciate their children as much as I love mine. 

Many blessing to you all... and Happy planning for the new school year!

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