Sunday, September 26, 2010

Growing Grateful Kids by Susie Larson {Moody Publishers Review}

Growing Grateful Kids
Author: Susie Larson
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Category: Non-fiction, Christian Parenting
Available: In stores and online through Susie and Amazon Books.
Price: $12.99

Growing Grateful Kids: Teaching Them to Appreciate an Extraordinary God In Ordinary Places is a wonderful parenting book written by Susie Larson.  In this book, Ms. Larson explains how to find God in the everyday and how to show the wonderful mysteries of God to our children by showing them how to pray, strong faith and living abundantly.  This book is a wonderful addition for any parent who would like to teach their child to see God in the small things, how to be appreciative of everyday life, and much more.  You can purchase this book online at Susie, online at Amazon Books, or in a book retailer near you.

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