Sunday, October 3, 2010

October is Here! {Fall 2010}

Wow, October is here already.  I love it!!

The things I love about October are:
Fall decorating
Cool weather
Leaves are a-changing
Light jackets, boots, jeans, light sweaters and long sleeve shirts can now be worn.
Pumpkins galore
The end of the month brings Halloween and that means pretending to be someone "fun"!
Holiday baking begins
Apple and cinnamon scent the house
Christmas is a-coming and following it is four months of birthdays celebrating the life of my littles!
Did I mention cool weather???

Oh yea, this girl is HAPPY it's October!!!!

Things I'm doing:
Cleaning out stuff around the house.
Cleaned all three bathrooms from top to bottom. 
Cleaned the kitchen, finally.
Cleaned the carpet in the Living Room = bye bye doggie pee smell!! :-p

Things I'm working on next:
Classroom re-order
Finishing the girls' room re-order
Painting the girls' bathroom and finishing painting the boys' bathroom.
(Sounds like a "real" school with Girls' and Boys' bathrooms, doesn't it?? LOL)

In school we start with:
Some fall and halloween lessons for fun.
Our first Botany lessons
Reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together for fun! 
(And what better month than October - CANDY month of the YEAR!)
Learning about the Ancients in History.

So bring it on October!  We are more than ready for your loveliness!!!

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