Thursday, October 28, 2010

Strong Will, Strong Heart

Recently, I posted on The Homeschool Lounge about my struggles with my beautiful 7 year old Princess, Emmalee.  She is my middle child, my strong-willed, dive in head first girl.  She does things her way and when she wants.  This is how God made her.

My struggle with her is that she does not do things I ask, when I ask.  She tends to make life miserable at times because of her willfulness.  I want to change this in her, or at least show her how to use her strong-will for good and not misery. 

The first place to start is always Prayer.  So I have been fervently praying (for years now) that she will grow out of this behavior, and of course, she has not!  Well, recently it's dawned on me that this is how God has made her and He must have a purpose for it.  So now I pray for God to help me and show me HOW to live with this sweet, yet stubborn child.  I also pray that He shows her how to use her strong-will to do good things, as He intends her to.

This leads to my job.  I am her mother.  It is my job to train her to be a great woman, a strong woman, and hopefully someday a loving wife and mother.  How do I do that?  I can barely do these things myself. LOL  (Leads me to my own quest, mentioned last post, to strengthen my bonds with the Lord and become a better wife, mother and woman myself.) 

So now I am looking for yet another thing.  I'd like to find a book that will show me all the things I want to show and teach her.  Some will say that is the Bible and of course it is, but I'd like something to go along with that.  I don't want a book on discipline measures, but instead a book on changing our (mine and her) hearts to better serve the Lord and how to use our strong-wills for His purpose as He intends. 

Any suggestions for this matter are more than welcome.  And when I find what works, you can bet there's gonna be a post about it!  For now, onward searching.

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