Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Epilepsy Loss {Thankfulness post/Epilepsy Awareness} Day 2

Today when I got online I found out extremely sad news about a friend of a friend of mine online.  For the past week I have been praying for this beautiful family, whose daughter was suffering with constant seizures that the medical team was unable to stop.  This poor sweet child went through a horendous ordeal.  In the end the gracious Lord decided to take her home to Him.  Now this sweet Angel sits beside the Throne of God, while her parents mourn her passing.

I am terribly saddened by this news of this beautiful little girl.  My own precious daughters suffer from Epilepsy, a seizure disorder. At 3 and 4 months of age, respectively, I watched them both begin their battle with this disorder.  Although I, myself, have it, I never realized the impact or effects of it until they began their own journeys. 

My oldest, thankfully, was never too bad with her seizures.  They would happen, we would increase her medicine and they would be under control.  Thankfully, by the time she was four, her fight with this disorder was pretty much under control without the medication.  This does not mean that it's over for her, only that we can control it unmedicated at this time.

My baby has had the worst time of battling.  On the day she turned 4 months old she was placed onto medication, after being subjected to 20 different tests to see why this was happening and to make sure it was not abuse related.  Two weeks later her medicine stopped controling the seizures with no warning.  Laycie suffered 9 grand mal seizures and multiple petit mal seizures at 4 1/2 months old exactly in a 13 hour period.  It was the worst and the scariest day of my life, thus far.  The hardest thing I've ever had to do is sit back and watch my babies suffer with this disorder, not knowing if it will stop, not knowing if the medicine will work, not knowing if like the beloved angel mentioned above God will call them to Heaven.

Thankfully for us, God has seen fit to allow my daughters to continue upon their journey in life.  They have not yet met His purpose or fulfilled his Glory.  I am thankful, beyond measure, that He has blessed me with these three beautiful children and that He allows them to live each day.  I pray every day that this disorder will end with my daughters, that they will not have to watch their own children suffer through it and know the hardships and fear of watching their children suffer with this, as I have watched them, my mother has watched me, my grandmother watched her and my great-grandmother watched my grandfather.  I pray this is the generation that it stops with, but if it doesn't we will deal with it as it comes.  We are blessed that it is not something worse than this that affects our life and we are THANKFUL every day to have another day to love them, to hear their sweet voice and see their beautiful smiles, to fill our hearts with love and joy, just as God intends.

Please keep the family of the sweet girl who passed away this week in your prayers.  I weep for her mother and pray she can find Peace and Glory in the knowledge that her sweet daughter is now safe in the arms of our Father, never to have to suffer with this disorder again.

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