Friday, November 12, 2010

Someone I Need To Let Go {30 days of Truth - Day 10}

Today's truth: Someone I need to let go

The old me... the one who was childish and stubborn.  The young girl who cared more about her appearance than anything else.  The lazy me, that didn't know how to clean a dish or pick up a shirt and put it back on a hanger or fold it up into a drawer.  The dependant me, who relied on everyone to do everything for her. 

Today I am a grown woman.  I struggle with this old me.  I fight her off daily because it could be so easy to lapse back into her undisciplined self.  I prefer the new me.  The mother, the wife, the daughter, sister and friend.  The one who can love her babies while cleaning her house.  The one who can hold her fiance's strong hand when he's tired.  The woman who prays for every need she comes across and loves her family with a whole and open heart. 

I am enjoying this person I am still growing into.  I am loving the changes that God has made in me.  I'm not perfect by any means but I'm more perfect than I was yesterday or last week.  I look forward to learning more and to becoming the woman God wishes for me to be.

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