Thursday, November 11, 2010

Someone Who Made My Life Hell {30 Days of Truth - Day 8}

Today's truth is someone who made my life Hell.

My ex.  Simple as that.  He led me to believe he was something he wasn't.  He twisted things to get his way.  He twisted everything I'd say into things it was not.  He'd lie to get his way.  He held me down by laying his over 200lbs of body weight on top of me, claiming I was out of control, while I was pregnant with my daughter.  He would spanked my daughter until he left deep bruises on her butt and backside.  He was cruel to my son, in ways I no longer wish to remember or think about.  He's a sick, pathetic excuse of a man and I'm thankful everyday that I was able to get myself and my children away from him.  The Hell he put my children and I through was inexcusable and I thank God that we no longer have to deal with that. <3

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