Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday 2010

I am online at 4am on Black Friday.  I was so excited to do my Christmas shopping online that I could not sleep.  I know my kiddos are going to enjoy their surprises this year and I know I'm going to enjoy mine also!  I'm not big on Black Friday shopping.  I refuse to go out into the crowds waiting in front of the stores.  There is nothing out there that I want bad enough to even attempt that.  However, I did do my shopping online this year and I was able to get some pretty awesome things.  I'm really happy with that.

I have a few free codes on photos that I am using this year to create gifts, so when I couldn't sleep I decided to upload pictures onto those sites.  Let me just say, I was not thinking well when I made that choice.  Two hours later and I'm still waiting for the pictures to finish uploading so I can create my gifts. 

Oh, before I forget, Happy Thanksgiving Yall!  I hope that everyone had a better day than I did.  I was sick in my bed all day with a sinus cold.  My sweetie was supposed to bring me back a meal but instead only brought back ham, out of all the holiday goodness.  My fault for not going I guess, or perhaps it's just his weird family.  Personally, I think it's the later.  But tomorrow I will make up for their lacking and create my own Thanksgiving meal for me and my little babes.  Oh, how sweet it is gonna be (for someone just throwing it together with no real plans).  It'll be a great memory, I promise ya that!

It will just be me and the kids for most of the day.  Josh is all ready to go duck hunting in the morning.  The boat is gassed up and hooked to the truck.  The gun is loaded and waiting in his truck.  His gear is laid out for him to wear.  Yep, those ducks better look out because he's coming to a river nearby.  In the time I've known him, I haven't known him to shoot a single one but there's always a chance.  I believe, secretly he just enjoys going to look at the beauty of them.  It's his thing, Duck Hunting.

And when he comes in from doing his thing, I'll have some great food ready to eat (I hope).  I can hardly wait.  Until next time... Happy Black Friday to all!


  1. I'm not a black Friday person, either. It's funny that you were up at 4 am, though, and weren't at a store getting trampled!

  2. Online shopping on Black Friday is the best. I was able to get so much done and as you said, no trampling in the process! :)


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