Monday, November 8, 2010

Demonic Possession vs. Epilepsy {Epilepsy Awareness}

Did you know there once was a time when Epilepsy was considered to be demonic?  During this time, people assumed that having seizures equaled being possessed by Satan or one of his many demons.  Churches tormented seizure patients by torturing them and putting through exorcisms to release this so-called demon possession that never even existed.  Almost 100 years ago, seizure patients were locked in insane asylums to be dealt with because so little was known about Epilepsy as a disorder.  Parent's whose children had this disorder did not bother to deal with it but instead locked their child away at the doctor's insistance. 

Today the outlook on Epilepsy has changed a lot.  People now know that Epilepsy is simply a neurological disorder which results in seizures.  Still, this demonic possession theory has been passed down by many and it's our job as patients and parents to make sure the world knows that Epilepsy is not a curse from Satan but instead a disorder that can be treated with medication, among other things.  Children and Adults who suffer from this disorder do not need to be institutionalized as past generations believed but instead they need the support and love of family and friends to get them through.  They do not need people gawking at them in time of distress but instead need a helping hand and the caring assistance of others. 

To learn more about what to do to help someone who is having a seizure, please visit and get seizure smart today!

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