Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Halloween Weekend {Hallowen Fun 2010}

Everyone knows that this past weekend was Halloween.  Although many Christians disagree with even acknowledging Halloween, we don't agree.  We look at this day as being a family day for us and a fun time for our children to enjoy getting candy for free.  More than that though, we enjoy fellowship with many others, Christians included.

Our children chose to dress up as Star Wars characters this year, with the exception of our seven year old daughter.  Winston wanted to be Darth Vader, Emmalee chose to be a Fairy Princess with pink wings, Justain chose Obi Wan Kenobi and little Laycie was an adorable Ewok.

We began our weekend with a trip to Front Street to visit the town's many vendors and stores which provided candy.  This allowed us to fellowship with many of the town folk, friends and family.  It also allowed my stepson to spend family time with both my children and his Mom's children.  It's a great way for him to bond with both sides and see us getting along just for him.  The children truly enjoyed this first night of Halloween weekend.

Our second night of Trick or Treat was in Belle Isle at our family friend, Ms Jean's house.  The kids had a wonderful time going around her neighborhood to collect candy.  Josh loaded all the kids onto a trailer on the back of our ATV 4-wheeler and we went on a night ride through the area.  It was a ton of fun.  We ran into a convoy of other Christians who were out Trick or Treating as well.  Such a wonderful experience for us all!

Sunday night brought more fun for us.  We took our four kids to my sister's church for a fun night at their festival.  The kids were able to play games and win prizes and candy.  They had nachoes and cheese with sodas and Josh and I had Hobo Stew (veggie soup).  We had such a wonderful time together!  It was a much needed experience for us as a family. 

So though this weekend is not welcomed by many in the Christian community, we truly enjoyed our fellowship with others that we would not normally have.  It has brought our children and our family closer together.  I consider that to be a blessing and I look forward to having my sweet babies enjoy Halloween again next year.

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