Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finding God in Children's Disobedience

Recently, my dear friend made a blog post about depression on her blog.  In it, she spoke of how God looks at depression in us.  All the things she posted she backed up with biblical reference.  One of her mentions really struck me as truth in my own life.  She mentioned that God changes children's attitudes when you are depressed, and even when you're not, in order to bring us to our knees.  This is so very true in my life.

My beautiful daughter, Emmalee, who I mentioned last night in my post about sickness, is possibly my strongest, and my hardest child to raise.  She wants things her way and will do everything to make that possible.  She doesn't throw fits, she doesn't whine and cry but instead she will just do what she wants regardless of consequence or respect of my wishes.  She is a messy but inspirational child.  She is a loving but needy child.  A perfect balance of good, and not-so-good all in one.  And her little sister is not far off from her either, attitude-wise.  Both of them are a true test for me in parenting, faith and life

I have been looking for ways to deal with them, to learn how to live with their strong spirits and raise them as God wishes, teaching them to use their unique qualities to work for the Lord, instead of themselves.  It never really dawned on me that part of their attitude is from the Lord, in order to change my own ways of life and my own attitudeGod wants to bring me to my knees.

Why would I think that, you may be asking?  Why would I think that God wants to bring me to my knees by causing me strife with these two beautiful children, or how could I even think that?  Well, God wants all of us to be closer to him.  He wants us to get down on our knees and call out to him, begging him to help us so that we are fully dependant upon him for guidance, love, and help.  God is meant to be our encourager, our best friend, our Father and our confidant.  It is the way of the world to turn us away from these things with him, the way of Satan to pull us apart from our Loving Father in Heaven.  By bringing us to our knees, God is bringing us Home to Him, home where we belong.  He is forcing us to pay attention, to listen to His Divine guidance, to share in His love and to share His love with our children and others. 

Disobedience in children is all a part of God's bigger plan to bring joy to our lives and our lives closer to him.  This whole concept has completely changed my view in life when it comes to my children's attitudes.  It has helped me in my journey to be a better parent.  This concept has challenged me, has shown me the truth behind what God wants from me.  The crazy part is that it was there the WHOLE time, but I was just too stubborn to listen.  Well, I am listening now and I am thankful for the sweet lady who God led to write this blog post on depression, for it has truly changed my own life and those of my children for the better.

"Don't make God yell, listen the first time."
- A friend from my past.

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