Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photo Cards from Shutterfly {Product Review}

My favorite Christmas cards have always been the assorted boxed kind you can pick up in any retail outlet nearby. I love the differences in the cards, the fact you can personally choose a card for a person or family inexpensively. Let’s face it Christmas card costs add up when you choose them separately for your loved ones. Assorted pre-boxed cards lessen this cost for families on a budget (like mine). Add in the extra fun of seeing the different cards when you open them, knowing they will be adorable but not knowing which cards are inside. It’s a holiday tradition for me.

My second favorite Christmas card is the personalized family picture card. The fact that someone took the time to send you a photo card they had made or made themselves is always a sweet gift. Displaying this type of card brings the family to mind more than old fashioned cards do because with just one look you know who sent it. Plus you are getting a one of a kind card that few other’s will get to enjoy. You can frame the card later or pull it out the next holiday season and display it with the new Christmas card, reminding you of the changes a year can make.

This year I’ve decided to do photo cards for Christmas, thanks to a promo through Shutterfly to bloggers. Shutterfly is a wonderful company that provides photo products to it’s customers, like photo cards, photo enlargements, prepaid portrait plans, birthday and other holiday cards, Home D├ęcor like Canvas and Mounted Wall Art, photo gifts like mouse pads, photo mugs, ornaments, and even a deck of playing cards. That is just the beginning of all the personalized things Shutterfly has to offer it’s customers. How great is that?! Stop by Shutterfly today to see all the great things they have to provide.

And post a comment telling me about your favorite Christmas or Holiday card.  I love hearing from you all!

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