Thursday, November 18, 2010

Start! The Bible for New Believers {Bible Review}

Greg Laurie
Thomas Nelson Publishing
Available in a variety of book styles
Price ranges from $7.99 - $59.99 depending upon style.

This book is a creative explanation of the Bible for new beginners, and old readers. It was written to better explain the meaning of the Bible and it’s books to new believers. And Greg Laurie does an excellent job explaining it throughout the book.
It is written in the NKJV style beginning with the Plan for Salvation, in which Mr. Laurie explains what Salvation truly means and how Jesus gave his Life for each of us to live. The second chapter discusses the Secrets to Spiritual Success, or better put How to be a Christian. In this chapter he shows us what God expects of his flock and how to relate it into our lives. Throughout the rest of the book, in the front of each biblical chapter, Mr. Laurie has provided a summary of the purpose of each book and the meanings of important key words, like the bible chapter’s name, as well as other important tidbits every Christian should know. Also throughout the book, the author has provided Grow, Learn and Know sections further explaining what is being read. At the end of the book, Mr. Laurie has provided a section called Essentials/What every Christian needs to Know about God and Jesus, where he highlights different topics on the two and discusses what they mean to us as Christians. I believe that Greg Laurie has provided a thorough introduction and study bible for new Christians by writing Start! The Bible for New Believers.

Now according to Booksneeze, I’m supposed to read this book from cover to cover but with this type of book that could take quite a while, so I have briefly read through Mr. Laurie’s introductions to several of the Bible’s books. I find what’s written to be inspiring and encouraging to me as a Christian, always learning more about the Lord. I am definitely planning to use this book as a bible study for myself to learn more about what the bible truly means and how it relates to my life. I feel it’s going to be a great help to me, as well as others who choose to read it. It’s one book I truly recommend.
You can download a free chapter on the Gospel of John at Start! The Bible for New Believers.

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