Saturday, November 6, 2010

Seizure Symptoms {Epilepsy Awareness}

There are many symptoms that go along with seizures.  Every person's symptoms are different. provides a list of common symptoms of seizures.

It is important to recognize symptoms of seizures so that a person can tell what's happening to them or their loved one when a seizure is oncoming.  The symptoms can also help doctors to pinpoint a type of seizure pattern and find a solution or medication to help prevent the seizures in the future.


  1. Also, the same person can have different types of seizures, as in the case of our son.

  2. You're absolutely right Michelle. In fact most seizure patients suffer different seizure types. My girls have Grand Mal, Petit Mal, and Absence seizures. I discussed the different types of seizures here: . Enjoy!! :)


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