Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tongue Swallowing in Seizures {Epilepsy Awareness}

A common myth in Epilepsy is the belief that a person can swallow their tongue.  Once upon a time, it was advised that a person place a spoon into the mouth of a seizing person to prevent them from swallowing their tongue.  In recent years, Doctors have discovered that this is actually one of the worst things you can do for a seizure patient. 

FACT: A person CANNOT SWALLOW their TONGUE.  The little piece of skin underneath your tongue prevents it from being swallowed. 

FACT: Placing a spoon into a seizing persons mouth can be extremely dangerous.  It can gag the person.  It can become lodged in the persons throat.  It can be jabbed into the back of the mouth causing serious damage. 

FACT: The tongue can close over the opening in the throat preventing a person from breathing during a seizure.

The best way to prevent a person from having this happen is to roll them onto their side during a seizure.  This allows the tongue to fall forward and remain in a normal position preventing blockage to the throat, thereby preventing blockage of air during seizure.  It is also best to try to help a seizing person onto the ground away from sharp or hard objects to prevent further injury during a seizure episode. 

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