Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Birth Of My Son

For me, this week not just about the joys of Christ's birth but also the joys of family. 10 years ago this week my life changed forever.  My first-born, my son was born.  It was the best day of my life (next to the later births of his sisters).

It was possibly the longest week of my life.  Signs of my labor began Christmas day.  The actual labor started on Dec. 26th.  I can remember walking miles with my best friend in the freezing cold, still feeling quite warm myself, trying to walk my boy out and increase our labor.  I remember the squeezing pain as a contraction hit and breathing through it, praying God would be good to us and would take care of my sweet baby boy.

The next day was no better and at some point I went into the hospital to be checked but was told it was not time yet.  My contractions were too irregular. 

On December 28, 2000, I called my doctors office and begged for an appointment with my midwife.  I was told to come in right after lunch, so I did.  I walked for two hours around the office while I waited for my midwife to be able to squeeze me into her busy day, all the while being monitered by nurses.  Finally, she was able to take me back and check but there was no major changes, though she did "accidently" break my water while checking me.  I will never forget the look on her face or the "opps!" that came out of her mouth when that happened.  I was told to call who I needed, gather my things (we lived in a small town at the time) and go straight to the hospital.

I went home, called my son's father, gathered my stuff and ate 4 bowls of spaghetti with light sauce before heading back to the hospital.  It was around 4pm when I finally got there. 

All seemed to be going well.  I arrived and was immediately taken into the back.  I was hooked to moniters.  The midwife said we'd be a while waiting on this boy to arrive.  My DH left to get himself something to eat but before he was out of the room good the midwife returned to tell me something was wrong.

My monitors showed that my heart rate was increasing and my baby's was dropping.  We were in too much stress.  I wasn't dilating past 1 and my boy was ready to come out.  He was under excessive stress and so was I.  A c-section was necessary for a safe arrival.

By this time, I could feel myself floating out of my body and I knew something was wrong.  I was scared for my son and I didn't want to lose him before I even got the chance to hold him.  I immediately agreed to the c-section.  It was around this time that my then-husband returned, after my Dad tracked him down, banged upon our door to wake him and got him back up to the hospital.  His only disagreement was that he didn't like my surgeon but by this point I just wanted it all over and our baby to be safe and sound. 

I don't remember much after that.  It all went so fast.  The pain was intense and I remember biting down on my DH's finger, concentrating on not hurting him, to get through the contractions.  It wasn't long before I was rolled into the ER, put to sleep and in surgery.  My beautiful boy was born to his sleeping Momma at 6:07 pm on December 28, 2000.

When I came out of surgery, I was in so much pain.  The doctors had me hooked onto an IV/Morphine drip but I was unable to get out of my bed.  My DH and my Mom greeted me with a picture of my beautiful boy, all fat and swollen from his birth with a perfectly round head.  His heart-rate was a little off and his grand-father's heart specialist had him in a incubator running tests to make sure he was strong and heathly before they brought him to me.  It was the longest 6 hours of my life, at that point.

On December 29, 2000, right after midnight, the nurse brought my sweet boy to me, placed him into my arms and in this moment my life forever changed for the better. I knew what my life was meant to be, who I was meant to be - his mother.  I was and forever am, the mother of Winston Lee Grant.  I could not imagine a better job than this one, even on that day I could not imagine how wonderful this job was going to be.

10 years have passed since that day, that moment but I still remember it like it just happened.  I can feel the weight of his sweet body as it lay in my arms.  I can feel his weight as he grew into the tall boy he now is today.  He made my arms full, and my heart fuller.  The joys of Heaven brought to Earth through a small child.  There is no better feeling than knowing you love and are loved by someone so precious and sweet.

My son has grown into a handsome, caring, hard-working young man.  His heart is patient and peaceful.  Some day he will be a wonderful father and husband.  For now, he's a wonderful son.  His hugs bring my heart peace.  His smiles bring me joy.  His laughter makes my heart ring with love.  He is everything I never knew I wanted and his life is the meaning of mine.  Being his Mother is the best gift I have ever received, the best job I will ever have.  I am forever Thankful for this child who is blessing my life.  I know how God feels as a parent to each of us.  Unconditional love.  


  1. Ahh, I love birth stories. This is a beautiful one with such a happy ending! Happy birthday to your boy.

    Shan :+)
    Dropping in from BabyCenter

  2. Thanks... I'm surprised I remember as much as I do about that day but some things you just never forget! Thanks for visiting our blog!

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  4. Happy Birthday to your handsome young man!

  5. Happy New Years! Here’s to a fabulous new year!


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