Sunday, December 26, 2010

My 2010 and 2011 Resolutions

About a year ago I made my resolutions for this year.  There were quite a few of them.  Some I completed, or at least worked on and some I never managed to get off the ground.  All were well worth the efforts.

This year I spent changing my own life, who I am and how I see things in the world.  I worked on forgiving others, expanding my own mind, becoming closer to God, building my friendships into even stronger ones, and supporting others that God placed in front of me.  I'm proud of the changes in my life.  I still have a lot to learn but every day I'm happier with who I am. 

I also spent the year getting my life and my house organized.  I'm loving it!  An organized life is soo much better.  Having things in their place is the best.  Organization is something I have struggled with my entire life and having accomplished getting closer to my goal is a wonderful feeling.

For the coming year, I would like to complete my organizing efforts by decluttering, storing things better, and finshing what I've already started for storing inside the house.  I'd like to get the kids rooms organized and sort toys into bins that can be swapped out for easier living.  By the end of 2011, I hope to have our lives completely organized and done with.

I would also like to create a healthier lifestyle for us as a family.  I plan to work out almost daily with my Wii Fit and also create a physical routine for the kids.  I want to add more veggies and healthier foods into our diet.  I also want to cut back on Pepsi for myself.  I look forward to feeling better inside and out with these changes and encouraging these good habits in my children too.

This year I will be handing a lot more chores over to the kids, using Managers of Their Chores to help guide me.  I feel the hard work will be good for their self-esteem and also for their unity in our family.  Plus these chores will be much needed life-skills for them one day.

I would like to begin our science (Botany) by February so that during the spring we can make a garden for them to reap and sow.  The kids will really enjoy that I know.

I look forward to a wonderful year filled with much needed changes in ourselves and much joy with one another this year. 

Happy New Year to each of you!


  1. Me too...some successes and some not. New goals this year, some based on improving last year. You have some good goals, best of luck.

  2. Thanks... hopefully the new year will be good to us both. Best of luck to you too!


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