Sunday, January 16, 2011

January Update 2011

The past few weeks have been super busy for us.  We've had tons of company, Christmas, birthday, New Years, more company and now this weekend a sleep-over birthday party for the boys.  It's kept us going for a while now. 

The next few weeks should bring us a much needed break before yet another birthday party comes.  I am thankful since I'm pretty exhausted from this extreme busy-ness of life.  The social aspect weighs in heavily, on both good and bad sides.  The kids enjoy being around others but after a while they grow tired and ready to return to our normal slow and comfortable life without all the hoopla and excitement this time of year brings, until Summer comes around and the active fun starts up again. 

This week the kids have an appointment with a local doctor's office.  They haven't been in quite some time, mostly because they just weren't sick and it's hard to find a good office these days.  In fact, I've pretty much been the only one who's been terribly sick in the past few months but I'm happy to say that my never-ending cold seems to have finally gone away.  Anyways, the kids are doing great but I felt it was time for a permanent doctor and not an ER one.  I have some things to discuss about Laycie's speech, Emma's bedwetting and Winston's sudden onset of ADHD symptoms, which are probably contributed to hormone changes now that he's turned 10.  I'm sure these will be relatively easy things to cover at our visit this week and I will be happy to know the answers to these plus a couple of other questions I have. 

I recently downloaded a free program that I hope is the key to improve Winston's reading skills.  I haven't had a chance to try it out yet because of our busy weekend but I'm excited to get him started.  It involves a lot of listening and interaction that I think he will find simple enough to grasp but enjoyable to get him where he needs to be in Reading. I also plan to use it with Emma to increase her reading skills but she does pretty well with reading already.

I've started bedtime prayers with the kids again.  I don't know when I got away from them but somewhere along the way they have been pushed aside.  I bought a devotional to do with them and we do it in the girls' room everynight.  They really seem to enjoy it.  I know I do too.

I have a lot on my mind tonight.  My original intention was to come here to blog about family or something else I can't get out of my head right now but I hear the Lord telling me to wait, to listen, to be patient and faithful and full of Grace, to let go and move on and let Him (the Lord) handle this.  My heart weighs heavy, yet happily inside of me.  God will make this better, as He always does.

I'm excited my kids have had a wonderful weekend, that life is looking up for us and that I see happiness in their faces most days.  I know they are Home here.  They grow in Love here, though it's not always perfect.  ButI know God is proud of me, of us and for that I am most thankful.  Till the next time...


  1. We only just recently got a family doctor as well.

  2. I'm very glad to know I'm not alone... did you feel weird explaining to your dr why you didn't have one before? I know I do!


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