Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

2011 is finally here! 

So far it's a lot like last year.  Nothing spectacular!

I'm bringing in this New Year with a cold.  Stuffy head, watery eyes, cough.  All the joyfulness of a winter bug!  Knock on wood, thus far, none of the kids really have it.  Laycie does have a bit of a cough but I'm hoping it goes away on it's own.  Winston and Emmalee are healthy as ever right now.  I'm very thankful that they have such strong health.

I'm currently debating starting school back tomorrow or waiting another couple of days until I feel better.  I don't know if I even have the energy for it all right now.  I suppose all I can do is wait until the morning to decide.

So for now, this short update is all I have.  I sincerely hope everyone else is having a wonderful beginning to 2011!

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