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Story of the World Links

Our current history curriculum is Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of the World. We love Susan’s books. Her short, but informative stories teach us much about the past. We use the main text along with the accompanying activity guide. We enjoy the provided activities but sometimes we feel that as great as the main curriculum is, it’s still lacking in some areas.

In my search to expand on Story of the World, I have been blessed to find many amazing sites. In this blog post, I will dive into each of them and share why we love them so much. Hopefully, our readers will also be able to find something useful to use as a supplement for SOTW’s history program.

My favorite site would have to be’s Mosiac curriculum outline. This program provides a wonderful guide for SOTW1 and SOTW2 which expands to cover great Literature, as well as history. This is actually the spine for our own daily lessons. I was able to locate many of the suggested books on or  This particular curriculum plan incorparates many great children's books and poems, an introduction to timelines, and much, much more.

Another favorite comes from Run of the Mill Family on The title of the blog is The Chronicle of the Earth and it covers both Story of the World 1 and Story of the World 2. Run of the Mill Mom provides excellent resources to use for both books. She has a full list of movies that can be used to supplement the stories and eras the books cover, as well as a full printable lapbook, printable card game, a SOTW jeopardy game and much more! This website is an amazing resource to use with this curriculum.
Yet another favorite website comes from This Mom knows her stuff and took a lot of precious time to create a great set of guidelines to use with SOTW. She provides a detailed list of supplemental books for you to use. Then further breaks the book down into each chapter and section, building upon it with more supplements and activities. She suggests related books, dvds, crafts, and even internet related sites. She shares a wealth of information to be used along with the book. This website is a wonderful resource for anyone using the Story of the World curriculum.
The next website is, which provides a downloadable eBook with workbook pages for SOTW1, which includes a two-day a week schedule. The pages rely on both the text and the guidebook for SOTW1.

The next website is called Our “Story of the World” Journey. This Mom has created a wonderful little website covering SOTW1 from the first chapter through chapter 15. She lists ideas, links and activities to go along with SOTW1. Some of the links go to short videos of the stories used in the book, and also some interactive sites to build on the stories and eras covered throughout the book.

Shannon’s Sharings is the next suggested website. Shannon shares TONS of ideas to use with the SOTW1 curriculum. Not all of the links on this site work but there is still a ton of useful and fun activities to do.

The last website comes from Jennefer at Smooth Stones Academy. Jennefer provides a guideline for using SOTW1 along with History Scribe, providing copy work and activities. She also provides a booklist created to be used along with SOTW2 and also SOTW4.

All of these websites provide something unique that can be utilized with the Story of the World curriculum. We truly hope you enjoy them and are able to find something that you can use on your own SOTW journey.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post on FB today Dana. I am getting back on track with SOTW and the boys are looking for fun school to go along with it.


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