Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Princess

Eight years ago today, I gave birth to my first little girl.  I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Emmalee was born through a scheduled c-section.  I arrived at the hospital around 5:30am on February 17, 2003.  I was prepped and I remember going into labor not long before it was time for the c-section.  Around 8am I was wheeled back to the OR. 

Her delivery began normal and quickly turned into an emergency because my spinal block did not take like it was supposed to.  In fact, I was well awake and felt the entire delivery from the searing pain of the first cut to the tugging pain of being sewn up.  But it was all worth it.  I watched in the big metallic overhead light as they pulled my beautiful little Princess from beneath my heart.  I heard her sweet cry as they brought her for me to see.  I knew the moment I saw her, she was my Emmalee.  I heard her sweet cries as the anethesia quickly made me drift off to sleep.  I missed out on those things with her brother's delivery 2 years and 2 months before.  I cherish every moment of the memories I have of my sweet girl's birth. 

I remember the first time I was able to hold her close to me, looking into her beautiful blue eyes.  Later they would change to the prettiest brown eyes I've ever been blessed to know.  I kissed her, counted her fingers and toes.  I laid her into my arms and kept her there for as long as I could. 

Her big brother and her cousin were amazed by her.  They thought she was the prettiest baby and couldn't wait to play with her.  They loved her from the moment she was born.  She quickly became her brother's best friend, a bond that still hasn't been broken. 

I look back and I wonder where the time has gone.  My baby girl is now 8 and I can hardly believe it.  In 10 short years she will be grown, ready to start a life of her own.  I want to cherish those years, to suck every speck of life and love out of them before that time comes.  I want to cherish the sweet girl, who's faith in God and love of life, has given me so much strength these past 8 years.

She is my artist, my faithful one, my strength, my heart.  She is my Princessa.  The love I have for her cannot be explained.  She amazes me daily.  She's my stubborn child, but her strengths, her wit, her amazing curiousity and faith far outweigh her stubborness.  God blessed me the day she was born, as much as he did the day her brother and her sister were born.  He blessed me with a Love like none I've ever known.  The love of a Mother to a Princess and a Princess for her Momma.

Happy 8th Birthday to my sweet Princess Emmalee.  Momma loves you, always and forever, my dear girl. <3

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