Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birthday Party Prep

This week is not going at all as planned, unfortunately.  I think the events of last weekends flood and various other things are really getting to me.  I'm feeling exhausted and like a Tiger trapped inside a cage.  I want to get out of here and DO something but time right now doesn't allow for that.

Tomorrow is my beautiful girl's party.  It's not exactly how I wanted it but I know she'll be happy regardless.  I am postponing the sleep-over part of the party to a later unknown date.  Everything is going to be moved out into our yard so I know the kids will all enjoy that, being able to play and enjoy the fresh air. 

First in the morning I must back the cake and cupcakes for the Princessa's party.  I also have heart shaped cookies to make for her.  I just pray I can get it all done!

I bought her gifts tonight.  I know she is going to LOVE them.  Some things she had asked for and others I just happened to come across by chance.  I bought a lot to encourage her artistically: paper, markers, stickers, stickers, sticker kits and so much more!  I can not wait to see her creations.  She's such an amazing artist already.

Since tomorrow is such a busy day, I must go to bed.  I've had a lot on my mind lately and I'm sure I'll get to sharing more of that later on.  But for now, my sweet Princessa's birthday party tops my list!  I love my baby girl and all of my kids.  They are my greatest gift from God.

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