Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another March 2011 Update!

So we have started our new curriculum and are GREATLY loving it!  So much fun!  The kids are learning a lot.  Makes me really glad I have waited to do formal academics.  Just proves to me that a Mother's instincts truly are always right and that God will not steer you wrong!

I'm personally working on eating healthier, starting with cutting back on Pepsi.  I drink the stuff wayyy to much, some days that being all I manage to drink.  It makes me feel sluggish and yucky, yet still I drink it.  Well, soon-to-be no more, my friends, at least not in the amounts I have drunk it in the past anyways!  I am replacing Pepsi with Pineapple Juice, Sweet Tea (for now), daily Milk, more water, koolaid, Cranberry Juice and The Bulk Herb Store's Stress Tea (yummy, favorite of mine!) and Peppermint Tea (which I make 1/2 peppermint and 1/2 black at this time).  I feel sooo much better already.

Yesterday was a different day for us, as we took an unexpected break to head to Florence.  The kids enjoyed the ride and we even managed some school work (reading our curriculum) on the ride.  They were able to see the horizon line before a huge rainstorm came in and we discussed how it looked like a tidal wave or a mountain line on the skyline.  Hands on Science, Hands on World education is the BEST!  You won't find that kind of lesson in a classroom!  We thoroughly enjoyed our day away from the house.

When we got back, I was sooo tired that I decided to take a melatonin and get some much needed rest.  Oh boy do I feel so much better today!  It's wonderful how God heals while we sleep.  I feel like a completely new Momma!!  I woke up a couple of times but it wasn't long before I was back to sleep again.  I'm so thankful for that much needed break and rest.

Today we are taking it easy.  We have a light box to build this afternoon and that will be fun for us.  Planting should be done this weekend.  We decided that we want to make a garden this year.  Funny, how God plans things, because I never thought we'd want to do that but we do!  So we will be planting seedlings for our garden and learning some basic homesteading needs over the summer.  I'm so excited for the kids and though I'm not a planter or outdoors girl, I'm excited to be able to share this experience with our family as a whole!

At this time, the kids are watching the Yogi Bear movie, while Momma does some things online that I've been putting off!  I can tell from their laughter that they are having a wonderful time bonding over the movie.  I'm so thankful for our family.  God has truly blessed us.

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