Thursday, March 31, 2011

God's Truth {Thoughts From Me}

Lately, this one thing has been weighing on my heart.  I have noticed both online and off, that many people profess to be Christians.  Yet these same people still go around talking and thinking about things like many Non-Christians do.  This truly saddens my heart.

Please, note that I am not saying I don't do these things at times.  I do.  I also do my best not to.  No one is perfect and if we were I'm sure our name would definitely be Jesus.

I have noticed many professed Christians talking in negative language about others who have ticked them off.  I have noticed others speaking of situations that are possibly negative, yet never shedding a Christian light into the "what if it wasn't like that" aspect of thinking.  I have seen in my own family, members telling other members "sometime life is better without that person in your life", speaking of what's considered to be unwanted drama in their lives.  I have even seen sisters turn against sisters and brothers against brothers over such things. 

My question is: is this what God really wants?  Is this thought process of negativity, of turning against one another, of NOT supporting decisions, thoughts, love and caring relationships through thick and thin, truly what God wishes of us as Christian beings?  Does God want us supporting each of these negative thoughts with a "yes I see it your way"?  OR Does He wish for us to see life and love through His eyes? 

My answer is to take a step back and truly view the situation.  Truly attempt to see Life and Love through the eyes of the Father.  View things as He wishes us to see and don't take the first response as your answer.  Some things are better left to prayer. 

God doesn't wish us to turn our backs on one another.  He doesn't wish us to JUDGE one another or to LET GO of one another.  He wishes for us to see each minute thing, each burden through with love and support and caring of one another.  By all means, He KNOWS we are NONE perfect but He asks us to STRIVE to be our best.  Yet HOW can we be our BEST when we are busy being our worst? 

Stop what you are doing today and really let these thoughts, these statements I have made, sink in.  Let the TRUTH of God's LOVE sink in.  He loves EACH OF US REGARDLESS!  Why do we NOT LOVE each other in the same way???  Why do we allow the DEVIL to work in our lives, instead of allowing God to do His work instead?  Today, I am making the conscience decision to LET God WORK in my life, as it should be in all our lives.  God Bless!


  1. I heartily agree with your assessment written here. It saddens me to see Christians behaving in such a way that you can not tell them apart from the world. My latest "peeve" is using lmao instead of lmbo, or OMG. I don't say Oh my God but I do say Oh my gosh. BUT...when it's put into a text how many other people read it as Oh my God? Isn't that taking the Lord's name in vain? For that reason I don't use OMG at all because I don't want another person even thinking that I took the Lord's name in vain. Ya know? Oh, well...I'll get off my soapbox! LOL!(to my dad..that means Lots of Love!) Great post Dana!

  2. Thank you, Child of the King. And thank you for pointing out your pet peaves! I often find myself using those very replies, not thinking of how they are viewed or considering how others feel about them. Some days I try to use the "nicer" version but many times I just put them out of convenience, never meaning the Lord's name or anything else more than the expression they represent. That is truly something to think about in my own daily life. I dislike hearing children say it and often correct my own children to say Oh my GOSH instead. Thank you so much for pointing this out. It's something I definitely need to consider about my own self. ((BIG HUGS)) to you!

  3. Ahhhhh...How do I agree with you, let me count the ways! I have been noticing the very same thing. Praising the Lord on Sunday, and living like Satan during the week. It saddens me as well. Not only does it sadden me, but shocks me. I will say that it is tough for christians to live in such a sin sick world. So many temptations,and ungodliness. You have to put on the full armor of God each and every morning so that when satan comes knocking, you can resist know, with our thoughts, things we say, do, etc. It's really tough these days to witness to the lost to, when you have so many professed christians acting like the world. You are right, some things..I say all things, are better left in prayer. Keep on praying. I'll be joining you! Keep on for Jesus! When Satan comes knocking, send Jesus to the door... Love in JC


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