Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Update 2011

March has brought a lot of change for us.  With the change of season, comes a new perspective on life.  A new effort, a new dawning, a settled peace.

The kids have been enjoying observing these changes both inside the house and out.  We have been visiting the pond at least once a day, have been playing outside more and watching the birds and bugs come to life again, as well as the plants and grasses.  They are loving learning from nature itself and I am loving watching them.

I recieved our kit for Botany and our kit for Astronomy (both Apologia, which we LOVE!), both of which we will be diving into over the next few months.  I've been waiting for the cold snaps to pass before setting into planting our seeds for Botany or attempting to view the stars, as it's still a bit cold at night yet.  I do believe that has almost passed though only time will tell.

This weekend we had our dishwasher installed and I can say it's already a HUGE blessing to me.  I've had dishwashers in past homes but I don't think I've ever appreciated them as much as I do this one!  I spent all my day yesterday cleaning dishes with the new dishwasher and washing up last weeks laundry.  My kitchen and laundry areas look like completely new places!  I'm estatic at the changes!!

Over the weekend, we bought Laycie a little stroller.  It's the best buy I've made in a month!  The kids and I have enjoyed pushing her around the yard and she has enjoyed the fun attention.  The added bonus is that with her in the stroller I don't have to worry about her diving in the pond on our future visits.  She is happy to sit in it and watch the world roll by!

Last month I invested in an iPad and I do believe it to be one of the BEST purchases I've ever made.  It's not perfect by any means but I enjoy reading from it and quickly checking the internet and the biggest bonus is NOT having to tote this heavy laptop everywhere!  If only I could blog from it, it would be the BEST purchase EVER!

So this is my very quick, yet lengthy update on us.  We are happily enjoying every minute of life.  I have several reviews coming up, once the littles give me a bit more time to write them out.  We have a lot of schooling to work on.  But Happy Days are here again!  Much love to all!

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