Sunday, April 17, 2011

Change, Change, Change.... Again

Change is blowing in the wind, for me anyways!  So many changes that I'm often unsure of what I should begin with or what I should do next.  My life is blossoming in ways I can only imagine and some I have not thought of yet. God knows the paths He leads me upon and so I allow His wise guidance to lead the way.

I'm adventuring into territory I've never before touched.  Gardening.  Who would ever have thought I'd be anxious and willing to get my hands deep into dirt before?!  Willing to watch plants grow in places that contain (eek!) spiders and that snakes could crawl into.   I'm even amazing myself with this one!  But I'm ready to reap my sown rewards in dirt planted with the seeds of life and ready to watch it spring forth into beautiful and nutrious food for my family.

I am setting forth plans.  Plans for my present, plans for our future.  I'm feeling out job ideas, thinking of ways to create extra money, even if only a little at a time.  Things I enjoy doing, not just "work".  I'm planning for Life, Love and all that comes with it.

I'm also planning a major overhaul of my life and our home.  There is so much I want different in my life.  Simple changes that can easily be made: like pray more, eat better, drink healthier, exercise, read and watch things that are meaningful, and strengthen my connection to God.  And not only my connection but my children's as well.  Build with them a relationship with God like none other we have, except between ourselves.

As for our home plans: We have the dishwasher in and it has been such a MAJOR help at home.  My next goal is a new washing machine but what we have definitely works for now and I will continue to use it until it's very last wash.  Lord willing it will be a longggg time before it's last wash comes! 

We also have new mattresses and oh boy I am sleeping sooo much better!!!  I feel rested now when I wake up, something I haven't truly felt in years.  It's an awesome feeling to wake feeling restored, instead of beat down and tired like I used to feel daily.

So next for home is a major spring cleaning overhaul.  Fact is we have too much stuff!  WAYYYY too much for a family of six, two dogs and one outdoor cat.  There is CLUTTER EVERYWHERE!!  Some days I cannot seem to find my way out of it and it seems the harder I clean the worse it is.  Why?  Because you CANNOT organize clutter!!!  That's right, I said it: Clutter cannot be organized.  It must be gone through, gutted, sent out to trash or donation and gotten RID OF!!!  (Yea I'm saying all this now, but I'm thinking "Oh my gosh, how to do it all!!") 

I have to tighten the belt and just get to it.  Get rid of the junk in our house we do not need, do not use and do not LOVE.  (Cuz love is what it's all about right?  Luv'N Life?  Luv'N each other?  And most of all Luv'N God!)  I want a clean, peaceful, happy home and I'm so anxious to enjoy the benefits of that life choice.

In the next few months, I will be posting about my journey through the clutter.  Our triumphs and trials.  Things that work for us and things that don't (there are a LOT of those!).  I have "aids" that I will be reviewing: books, cleaners, organizing methods and more.  (Let's just hope I can stay on track.) 

It is my hope that in the end of this journey, my children and I will be able to truly enjoy Life.  That we will find a home that just "falls" into place most days and we find Happiness, Joy and Love along the way, as well as strengthening our relationship with the Heavenly Father.  It is time that I stop just talking about it all and actually start "doing" to give us this Life we need and we deserve to have. 

Stay tuned as we journey through on our way to Change, Change, Change.


  1. I'm in a really similar place right now. We went away for the weekend and my mind was free to make plans for our future. I've been working on de-cluttering, we want to try and get our house ready to sell. I'm evaluating everything I'm involved in to see if it's good for us as a family and not just busy work. I enjoyed reading this because I can totally relate. God bless your journey.

  2. I am continually battling against clutter - mostly because I live with three packrats, lol! But I'm able to de-junk the girls' things a couple times a year - I send them out with Daddy on those days so they needn't be pained watching the process! Next time is soon, before their May birthdays.

  3. @ Lori Lynn - it's nice to know I am not alone in my decluttering process. I wish you much luck on your own decluttering journey as well as your upcoming move. God bless.

    @ Tina - My children and I are the real packrats here. I hope that your upcoming decluttering session goes well. I have heard it's often best to declutter before birthdays but since ours come so close to the holiday season I often find it hard to do. Something for me to consider in the future though! Thanks for the tip! <3


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